A selection of random on-stage, off-stage, backstage and out in the field snaps.

1. Young Singers and Musicians at the Cambridge Folk Festival, including Innes White, Mischa Macpherson, Kitty Macfarlane, and Siobhan Miller (2011)

2. Richard Thompson backstage, boasting about his catch earlier that morning at the Cambridge Folk Festival duck pond. With Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy and Colin Irwin (2014)

3. On the Road with Anna Coogan and Daniele Fiaschi in Sheringham, showing our American and Italian pals how we do holidays here in the UK (2011)

4. The Hand of Friendship with Steve Heap with the late Roy Bailey backstage at the Shepley Spring Festival (2013)

5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s probably a flying saucer, just what any self respecting teacup needs. The Teacups on the church steps in Shepley (2013)

6. So that’s why they call it the F chord? Stephen Mangan taking tips from Martin Simpson in the flower garden at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2012)

7. This is one we should do tonight, it goes like this. Olly Andrews goes through a proposed routine for “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book, as his unconvinced band mates look on. Van Susans at Moonbeams (2014)

8. Lucy Ward performing at the Cricket Clubhouse in Shepley with a couple of minders keeping an eye on her (2011)

9. Are We Not Men? We are Bellowhead! Benji Kirkpatrick, Jon Boden and John Spiers at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2011)

10. When this bloke moves, we’re having that table. Steve Free surrounded by Wath Morris at Barnsley Madfest, Elsecar (2012)

11. The Youngish Ones. Ade Edmondson and Eddie Barcan enjoying the sunshine after the rain at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2009)

12. Rehearse/Discuss. Two combos enjoying a moment at the Shepley Spring Festival as Twelfth Day run through some tunes, while Said the Maiden have a little band chat (2015)

13. Relaxing. There’s nothing quite like kicking a ball around in the garden with Larkin Poe’s Rebecca Lovell providing the soundtrack on her mandolin. With Larkin Poe and Blair Dunlop at the Wheelhouse in Wombwell. Ashley Hutchings relaxing on the top deck (2012)

14. Turn Ups for the Books. Seven musicians hanging out at The Greystones in Sheffield after a True North gig. Tom Wright, Cahalen Morrison, Martin Simpson, James Fagan, Sam Carter, Eli West and Richard Hawley (2016)

15. Perunika Trio. Of all the photos taken of this trio on stage at Musicport, the one with the North Sea backdrop was the best according to my camera (2014)

16. Buster Remembered. Andy Kershaw’s best pal at the Beverley Folk Festival, shortly after his No Off Switch presentation. I’m sure Andy misses Buster like crazy (2014)

17. Topical. Colin Irwin chats to Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson, Tony Engle (Topic Records MD) and Martin Simpson about their links to the Cambridge Folk Festival (2009)

18. Stewards Kiss ❤. I wouldn’t normally take such an intrusive shot, but afterwards, they both told me that they loved it and so I kept it. Shepley Spring Festival (2015)

19. Catrin & Seckou. Bumped into these fantastic musicians backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2014)

20. Pratty Pratty Flowers. Coope, Boyes & Simpson and Mick Peat join Will Noble on stage at the Shepley Spring Festival for a grand finale (2010)

21. The Secret Sisters moments before I interviewed them for Northern Sky backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2011)

22. Snap. Singer songwriter Elliott Morris snapped from behind by my much missed pal, the late Derek Schultz at Beverley Folk Festival (2014)

23. Summer Nights. Fun times at the Cambridge Folk Festival with Tom Moore, Jack Rutter, Lydia Noble, Rosie Hodgson, Maz O’Connor, Archie-Churchill Moss and Rosie Hood (2014)

24. Say Cheese! A photo gathering in the Wold Top Marquee at Beverley Festival with Jess Morgan, Dan Wilde, Katie Spencer, Leila Cooper, Dogfinger Steve, Andy Stones and others (2014)

25. Tashi Lhunpo Monks head down to the beach at Whitby as part of the Musicport Festival (2014)

26. Hats off to Roy Harper – although not in the case of my pals Phil and Neil, here with Tracey Browne backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2012)

27. The Doctor & Joan. When Mac Rebennack had a surprise stage invader at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2000)

28. The Three Rs. The legendary Robert Wyatt flanked by Rachel and Becky Unthank at the Drill Hall in Lincoln (2007)

29. Staying Alive. Markmark Productions street theatre at Madfest, Elsecar (2013)

30. Buckets of Rain. Oysterband’s John Jones midway through a Sunday morning hike from Holmfirth to Shepley (2011)

31. Three Men in a Tent. Barry Goodman and Dave Eyre share a joke, while Derek Schofield considers warmer climates. Shepley Spring Festival (2012)

32. Brassed Off. The Baghdaddies at Madfest, Elsecar (2013)

33. Stop! In The Name of Love. Spooky Men’s Chorale at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2011)

34. Scots Pride. A seated Rab Noakes listens to his friend Barbara Dickson at the Beverley Folk Festival (2014)

35. Blimey. It was all going okay until the drummer left her stool to play the banjo, that’s when I lost it. The Norwegian band Katzenjammer at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2011)

36. The Management. Chief security operative Big Mick Harding mentors his two latest fearsome trainees Greg and Ciaran as they pose during one of their impossible missions at the Beverley Folk Festival (2014)

37. The Quebe Sisters. Sophia, Hulda and Grace Quebe, with Drew Phelps and Joey McKenzie, backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival (2010)

38. Doyngdoyngdoyngdoyng.. Lucy Wright in a cupboard with several men and a boxful of jew’s harps at the Doncaster Folk Festival (2012)

40. Québécois at Moonbeams. Le Vent Du Nord arrive on the Wold Top (2015)

41. Midnight Skyracer. Taken moments before the all-girl Bluegrass band went on stage at the Cambridge Folk Festival, which the ladies used for their debut album Fire (2017)

42. Sweet Seasonal Harmony. A Winter Union snapped at the Great British Folk Festival, a picture you can almost hear (2018)

43. Invisible Skipping Ropes. The Belles of London City at Madfest, Elsecar (2011)

44. Tapestry. Katie Spencer and Alan Walker considering Carole King at the Tap & Barrel in Pontefract (2019)

45. Barnsley’s Best. Dave Burland and Kathryn Roberts at the Barnsley Roots Festival (2012)

46. Fathers and Sons. Toumani and Sidiki Diabate in Leeds (2014)

47. Final Curtain. There will never be another Whippersnapper. Beverley Folk Festival (2008)

48. Personal Hair & Makeup. Martin Simpson being treated to a pre-gig makeover during a string change. Shepley Spring Festival (2013)

49. Rebus Watching. It’s not often you see one of your literary heroes on the front row. Ian Rankin watches My Darling Clementine at the Beverley Folk Festival (2013)

50. Rant. My favourite backstage shot, with Jenna Reid, Sarah-Jane Summers, Bethany Reid and Lauren Maccoll at Shepley Spring Festival, making good use of their smart phones (2016)