Singled Out

Bob Marley and the Wailers | Jamming | Island WIP6410 | 1977

In 1977 Bob Marley and the Wailers had pretty much established themselves as the leading reggae band of the day, releasing their ninth album Exodus to both critical and commercial success.  Although Reggae balanced on the fringe of my musical palette at the time, the “Jamming” single, which could be heard all over the radio, didn’t actually impress me until I heard it in a night club that same year.  Sitting bored in the corner, I just happened to be seated in a place that could be described as the best vantage point to hear the full effect of the club’s rather excellent sound system and as soon as the single was played, I became entranced by the percussive embellishments, which seemed to circulate around me.  I went out and bought the single the very next day.