Live | 2021

Brooks Williams | Cast Theatre, Doncaster | 04.03.21 I’ve always considered it odd, if not nigh on impossible, to review a live gig if you’re not actually there, yet in these wildly extraordinary times, this is precisely the way it goes.  Under normal circumstances, just prior to a show, there would be the mandatory swift … Continue reading Live | 2021

Live | 2020

Steve Tilston and Reg Meuross | CAST Theatre, Doncaster | 22.01.20 Three things spring to mind when sitting before such a pairing as Steve Tilston and Reg Meuross, two highly accomplished British singer songwriters; first admiration, followed by satisfaction and then chronic envy. I have great admiration for these two musicians, first and foremost for … Continue reading Live | 2020

Live | 2019

Frank Carline | Roots Music Club, Doncaster | 11.01.19 With the last scraps of turkey (or your own particular veggie option) well and truly disposed of and the multitude of tree pines almost completely swept up, together with those resolutions made and broken within minutes of one another, we step tentatively into the New Year … Continue reading Live | 2019

Live | 2018

Martin Hayes Quartet | Howard Assembly Room, Leeds | 27.01.18 It was with a spot of unfortunate programming that I first experienced the gentle music of Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill, which happened shortly after the debut appearance of the Afro Celt Sound System at the Cambridge Folk Festival back in 1997.  With ill foresight, … Continue reading Live | 2018

Live | 2017

Normafest 2017 | Whitby Pavilion, Whitby | 07.01.17 A blanket of thick fog hovered above the meandering hillside road leading down to Whitby on Friday afternoon, giving the cliff top’s ancient Abbey an eerie atmosphere that its reputation very much deserves.  The hazy Gothic silhouette majestically peered through the mist as the little seaside town … Continue reading Live | 2017

Live | 2016

The Pitmen Poets | Cast Theatre, Doncaster | 26.01.16 The Cast Theatre in Doncaster provided an ideal venue for this the thirteenth date of the Pitmen Poets’ current eighteen date UK tour, which brings together the combined songs, stories, poems and reminiscences of four noted singers and musicians from the North East of England.  With … Continue reading Live | 2016